Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Kini Aku Bernafas Kembali Tapi...

Setelah sekian lame (1 minggu je) kereta aku mengalami sindrom semput tahap dewa, akhirnya aku telah menghantarnya ke klinik kereta untuk dirawat. Setelah di-diagnosis, didapati penyakit tersebut berpunca dari kegagalan Ignition Coil dari berfungsi dengan baik (kurang api la).

Symptom - symptom semput tahap dewa lebih kurang cam ni la...
  1. kehilangan horse power
  2. RPM tinggi untuk bergerak dalam gear 1 (dah kritikal la kalau dlm semua gear)
  3. jerking semasa bergerak dalam gear 5
Kerja-kerja baik pulih berjalan lancar tanpa sebarang masalah berbangkit oleh mechanic bertauliah Proton. Lebih kurang 1 jam 30 minit kemudian kereta aku dapat bernafas dangan normal kembali. Aku dapat lihat senyuman terukir pada front grill Savvy aku (sebenarnya itu adalah senyuman aku).

I feel like my wallet was glued when to be drown from the pocket at the back of my a#*. RM 973.95 will be floating in the air to the hand of smiling face casher. Argghhhh.... What to do... This car really know how to drain my pocket.

I've read a comment at Paul Tan's Automotive News and I think it really make sense. It goes like this :

"we always get the baseline models. yes, you’re right paul. unless we earn a king’s ransom and pay through our noses for imported luxury cars, majority of the middle class Malaysians will never get to feel what it’s like to drive a car with ABS, ESP, EBD, DSC etc built into it…or even the quality of the quieter ride that superior cars provide.

Anyways, prospective buyers already know that Proton’s are still outfitted with outdated engines which are junkyard worthy at best…so protection or not, the government will soon have to abolish the protection for the local car manufacturer and start hurling it out there along with the big guns. Proton should take a leaf out of Perodua’s book, and be innovative. Maintaining the chassis shouldn’t dent revenue much, but introducing a new, more fuel efficient and powerful engine will definitely woo buyers."

Commented on 2006 Hyundai Getz / Hyundai Clik

Ignition Coil for Renault Clio Modus 1.2 16V

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